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Say, "Each [of us] is waiting; so wait. For you will know who are the companions of the sound path and who is guided." - Qur'an 20:135


Ma shaa Allah. BIG THANK YOU to UKHTI KHADIJAH. Im so bless to have a talented “in-law” like you. Ahaha. Mwahmwahmwah. :* #art #ImSupriseWidThis #anaroja #doodle

Ma shaa Allah. BIG THANK YOU to UKHTI KHADIJAH. Im so bless to have a talented “in-law” like you. Ahaha. Mwahmwahmwah. :* #art #ImSupriseWidThis #anaroja #doodle

Palestinians run for cover during clashes with Israeli soldiers following a protest against the war in the Gaza Strip, outside Ofer, an Israeli military prison near the West Bank city of Ramallah. August 2, 2014 [Majdi Mohammad/AP]

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Hey jw, what makes you support isis?


ISIS doesn’t exist anymore, they are called I.S (Islamic State)..  This is important.

But i don’t think i necessarily support I.S.. I support the Sunnis of Iraq rising up against a foreign puppet & maniacal military which rapes, robs and humiliates Sunnis.  I support Iraqis who resist American domination and exploitation.   I support Iraqis who say that the oil wealth should be spent on the people.. not American businessmen. 
I support Iraqis/Syrians who refuse to accept colonial borders and choose to decide their own fate.
I.S are not the only ones doing this at the moment.. there are other Sunnis who have allied themselves with I.S..  like Jaysh al Naqshbandiyah and other groups.    I support their struggle and i think any rational, honest leftist would also support their struggle even if they don’t like their ideology.

 I doubt you can make a rational argument against this whilet using principles that can be applied equally to everyone.

Tell me why i should Support the sectarian, criminal & puppet Gov. of Iraq instead of a grassroots Sunni rebellion?  Tell me why the fuck Sunnis should just sit there and be attacked, robbed & humiliated by a  Gov. which only exists because of American aggression and war crimes?   You either have no fucking clue what’s been going on Iraq for the past 10 years or you’re just intellectually dishonest.

Keep reading those ridiculous news reports about imaginary massacres and go cry about how Shia/Kurds (with all political, economic and military power) are being oppressed by 800 men with rifles lol.

One final point..  I completely understand why Shia and Kurds do not like I.S..  if i was a Shia i probably wouldn’t like it either.   Shia do not want to be dominated by another Sunni regime and that’s completely fair..  but guess what?  Sunnis don’t want to be dominated  either..   You have to be consistent. 

I -PERSONALLY- think that the Shia should be given half of Iraq and let them rule their own country and let I.S control the Sunni areas of Iraq.   This would stop bloodshed and both countries could move on and have policies of their own without worrying about sectarian conflict  but of course, Iraqi Gov. would rather call America to bomb innocent women and children rather than negotiate with Sunnis.

Rant is over.  Lol.



1. Makhachkala Grand Mosque - Dagestan, Russia

2. Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque - Chechnya, Russia

3. Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

4. Qolsharif Mosque - Tartarstan, Russia

5. Badshahi Mosque - Lahore, Pakistan

6. Masjid al-Haram - Makkah, Arabia 

7. Putra Mosque - Putrajaya, Malaysia

8. Hassan II Mosque - Casablanca, Morocco

9. Masjid an-Nabawi - Madinah, Arabia

10. Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque - Berlin, Germany

I don’t want to….I NEED to visit and see these spectacular Masjids in person

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I’m here.
Still alive,
Still breathing,
Still struggling to get closer to You…

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My moon, without you I wept like a cloud.
Without you, I’m wounded, worn out and lonely.
Banished from life, to sit here without you,
I’ve died of the shame of living without you.

Rumi, #1556, Shamsi Tabrizi (via gardenofrumi)

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